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People move to Buena Vista Colorado for many different reasons. Most people that move here have a love for the mountains and are looking for a more relaxing lifestyle. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider moving to Buena Vista:

1. The views are some of the best in the country

Home to the collegiate peaks with some of the highest peaks in the continental US, Buena Vista has mountains that make most people jealous. With recreation opportunities year round, you will always find ways to enjoy these magnificent mountains.

2. The people are friendly

One of the first things I noticed when I first moved to Buena Vista (or BV as the locals call it) was the friendly nature of the town. People stood in the grocery and talked to each other and said hi at the gas pump. Once you get to know people, you will always see someone you know when you go to town.

3. The weather is great year round

Referred to as the banana belt of Colorado, the Arkansas River Valley has surprisingly pleasant winter weather. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, you will not find the winter blues here! Buena Vista does get snow in the winter but the sunshine will often melt it very quickly.

4. Top quality recreation

Summer recreation includes rafting, kayaking, jeep trips, ATV adventures, mountain climbing, trout fishing in the Gold Medal designated Arkansas river, and more! Once winter rolls around, you have easy access to several top quality ski slopes. For the local ski experience, check out Monarch Mountain (45 min) or Cooper Mountain (50 min). Breckenridge is just slightly over 1 hour from Buena Vista providing you with a world-class skiing experience. Winter also brings many good ice fishing opportunities in the high mountain lakes surrounding Buena Vista. Other winter activities include: Hunting, Snowmobiles, Fat-Bikes, Cross-country Skiing, and Snowshoeing.

5. It’s relaxing

Studies show that being around nature decreases stress and provides for a much healthier lifestyle. Living in Buena Vista gives you everything that you need to live the life of your dreams. From soaking in the natural hot springs at Mount Princeton or taking in the beauty of the mountains as you hike the Colorado Trail, this is the perfect place to live life a little more relaxed and in touch with the beauty of nature.   The above 5 points hardly do justice to all of the reasons to live in Buena Vista. I hope this will peak your interest in the beautiful gem of a town. Come visit us and grab a bite to eat at our local restaurants, enjoy a drink at our local brewery, and if you think you could live here, give me a call, I’m a REALTOR and can help you find the property to make your dreams come true.